Tennessee Marriage License

Tennessee Marriage License

Do you want to get married in the State of Tennessee? If yes, you may probably know Tennessee Marriage Law and follow it properly. The first and most important factor of marrying in Tennessee is to get a marriage license. Actually, it is not so hard to get a Tennessee marriage license. So, if you are interested and want to get more information, keep reading this article.

Some information before applying for a marriage license in Tennessee

Tennessee marriage licenses are issued in any County Clerk’s Office of the State. The County does not require a blood test since 1987. There is no waiting period after getting the marriage license, either. That is to say, the couples may marry each other right after they get their license.

The State of Tennessee does not have any residential requirements for the marriage license. So, even foreign residents may apply for the license, only with some additional fee.

Restricted and Prohibited Marriages in Tennessee

Before applying for a Tennessee marriage license, you must know which marriages are not recognized in Tennessee. So, here are several types of marriages that the State of Tennessee does not accept:

  • Covenant Marriages

Tennessee does not accept covenant marriages. So, the couples may only get married in a traditional way, as covenant marriages are illegal here. The only states of the US that accept covenant marriages are Arkansas, Louisiana, and Arizona.

  • Common-Law Marriages

The State of Tennessee does not recognize common-law marriages. It is when a couple lives together for several years and recognizes themselves as a married couple. Nevertheless, Tennessee accepts those valid common-law marriages which were recognized in another state.

  • Proxy Marriages

Tennessee does not recognize proxy marriages, either. However, there are several exceptional cases for this kind of marriage. For example, when an applicant is in jail or has a health problem or disability to appear in the county. In such cases, the county clerk may accept a notarized statement to issue a license. The statement must contain the applicant’s name, age, and current residence. The names and the address of the parents, relatives, or guardians are also important to mention.

Allowed Marriages in Tennessee

Now, when it is clear which marriages are not allowed in Tennessee, let’s pass to the allowed ones.

  • Cousin Marriages

In Tennessee first and second cousins may marry each other as it is legal here. People who are half-cousins also may get a marriage license in Tennessee.

  • Same-sex Marriages

Though this field of law is changing all the time, now Tennessee recognizes same-sex marriages. Since June 2015, when the U.S. Supreme Court decided that they do not have the right to refuse same-sex marriages, Tennessee also accepted it. So, like the other states of the US, the State of Tennessee already accepts same-sex marriages.

Age Requirements for getting a Tennessee Marriage License

Like other states of the US, in Tennessee also there are several requirements for getting a marriage license. One of them is the age requirement that each applicant must properly meet.

The appropriate age for obtaining a marriage license and marrying in Tennessee is 18 years old. If both applicants are at the appropriate age, they may get a marriage license, as the state does not have anything to do with it.

However, there are some special requirements for people who are under the appropriate age. People who are under 18, but at least 17 years old have some privileges. They may get a marriage license only with consent from their parents or guardians. While applying for the license, the parents of minor applicants must accompany them to the county.

It is worth mentioning that people, who are under 17, do not have the right to get a Tennessee marriage license even with consent from parents or guardians.

As we have already mentioned, there is no waiting period for people at the appropriate age. However, if the applicants are minors they have to wait for 3 days after getting their marriage license. So, for minors, there is a three-day waiting period after which they may perform their marriage.

What documentation do you need to take with you while applying for the marriage license?

Every time when you have to deal with a legal activity, you may need some papers to take with you. So, the process of getting a marriage license is not an exception. It is a must for all documents to be valid.

Here are several documents you may show to prove your identity and age:

  • Certified Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport (if not a US citizen)
  • Social Security number
  • State issued ID
  • Military ID
  • Copy of the Divorce Decree (if divorced)

What information should you include in your application form?

While filling out the application form for your marriage license, you and your spouse must provide your personal information. You must include your name, age, current residence, email address, and phone number. The names, birthdates, and current addresses of your parents or guardians must also be included.

If you or your spouse were previously married or divorced, you must fill out that information, as well. You must mention the number of your prior marriage(s). As well as, the date and the place of the last marriage must be provided.

How much is a Tennessee marriage license?

Depending on a different county in Tennessee, the fee for the marriage license varies. It costs from $95 to about $100 for the US residents. And, the fee for people who are not US residents is $48.

Some counties in Tennessee accept money in cash, while others also do it by debit cards.

How to apply for a marriage license online in Tennessee?

Maybe there will be applicants who will not want to appear at the clerk’s office and apply for a marriage license there. So, there is a convenient solution for them. They may apply for their marriage license online by going through the attached website.

As in the case of applying for a license in person, here also the applicants must provide their personal information. All the required documents must be attached in order to get the license.

How to get a copy of a marriage license in Tennessee?

A copy of a marriage license is issued at the Tennessee Office of Vital Records. You may apply for it both in person, and online. However, the fastest way to receive it is by going to the clerk’s office. You may wait there and get the copy within several hours.

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