Tennessee Pharmacy License

Tennessee Pharmacy License

If you want to be a certified pharmacy technician in Tennessee, you should go for the Tennessee pharmacy license lookup. Follow the below-mentioned requirements in order to obtain the license.

How do I get my pharmacy tech license in Tennessee?

Firstly, you should be 18 years old and be a US citizen to apply for a Tennessee pharmacy license. Achieve your high school diploma or GED and be fluent in English. Remember that your criminal background, including drug use must be checked out. You, being a Tennessee pharmacy license candidate should participate in courses with a professional pharmacist.

There are not requirements for continuing education (CE) for the pharmacy tech licensure.

You must submit a written application to the Tennessee State Board of Pharmacy. Also indicate your passport with the application (non-refundable one is $50.00). For the Board of pharmacy license lookup you do not have to take certification exams. To work as a pharmacy tech in Tennessee you should submit a letter regarding your moral values.

How do I renew my TN nursing license online?

Tennessee nursing licenses renew every two years. Licensees are responsible for renewing in time and informing the board about that.

All licensed professional or registered nurses shall submit an application for renewal of licensure registration to the board of nursing with a biennial renewal fee as set by the board.

If you are a registered or professional nurse, you should submit an application to renew your nursing license to the board of nursing to renew your nursing license with a required biennial fee.

However, if you have not practiced nursing for 5 years, your license will be inactive. And if you want to start practicing, an evidence of nursing competence will be required till your license renewal.

The board should individually estimate the competence, which includes nursing practices, trainings, etc.

Note that your renewal application will not be accepted after the last day of the month considering the license expiration date. The supervisor of the board is to inform each candidate to practice as a professional or registered nurse or as a practical nurse. As a matter of fact renewal process can be done online. Keep in mind that if you failed to renew your nursing licensure registration in Tennessee, the Board will request to present its duties or pay fees made in 60 days.

Here is the contact information in the case of having questions, comments or even ideas about nursing in Tennessee:

Email: [email protected]
Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
Website: https://www.tn.gov
227 French Landing, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 253-1299
Fax: (615) 741-2722

The good point is that certified pharmacy technicians may get new medical and prescription orders. Besides, their name must be identified as a pharmacy technician at his/her working time. Professional pharmacy technicians must show a proof of certification and also registration from the pharmacy training site while working. Thus complete the required steps in order to get a nursing license in Tennessee.

Have a good luck!

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